4 Articles About the Importance of Optimization4 Articles About the Importance of Optimization4 Articles About the Importance of Optimization

Each week, we compile great reads that help creators publish better content and optimize their websites for performance.

This week, we’re focused squarely on optimization.

A commentary by Gary Leopold that looks into why it is so crucial for businesses and brands to adapt to the ever-changing digital playing field and how this need to adapt and change also fueled comments that marketers need to start thinking like engineers since marketing and software have become so intermingled.

Jill Kocher's post continues PracticalEcommerce's weekly primer in SEO, touching on all of the foundational aspects and tips to practice SEO more confidently.

This article by Alice Oh looks into the challenges marketers face today of being able to meet consumers’ demanding needs in a highly digitized world and tips they can look at to further optimize their business.

Mike Donnelly, CEO and Co-founder, Seventh Sense explains that as customers' inboxes continue to fill, smart marketing professionals will take advantage of the most advanced tools they can find. Best-in-class marketing tools take advantage of artificial intelligence to deliver time- and content-optimized e-mail messages to maximize consumer engagement.