April 19

New Features: Navigation, Verst for iPad, and more!New Features: Navigation, Verst for iPad, and more!New Features: Navigation, Verst for iPad, and more!

Our team is working away to build tons of new features our customers have been requesting. We just released four new features, and we've got lots more on the way.

1. New Navigation with Links and Groups

Now your site's navigation can do more and is easier to customize:

  • Instead of containing all your posts in general categories, create groups containing multiple categories to clearly divide and bucket your content.
  • Your navigation items can now link out, expanding the functionality of your site. Just head to Customize and click Navigation to add links. 
  • It's easy to rearrange your groups, categories, and links - just go to Customize then Navigation and drag and drop to rearrange your categories. To nest multiple categories or links, simply drag them into a group.

2. Verst Mobile on iPad

You wanted it, you got it. Verst Mobile is officially available for iPad! Create and edit posts, keep up-to-date with your analytics, and run CTAs and A/B tests right from your iPad. Click here to download the app and start creating. 

3. New "All Posts" View in the Editor

Along with updates to your navigation capabilities, we've improved the way you create and edit your content! In Posts,  you can now view all of your posts in one place, or select the Categories view to see it all in context.

4. Hyperlink Your Images

In addition to all our photo size and layout options, you can now make them clickable, so you can point your readers to a pictured product or photo source. Try clicking the image above to see it in action!

All of these changes are direct results of your requests, and we've got more really exciting changes that we're confident you'll love coming out in the next few weeks. Not already using Verst? Click here to sign up!