New features: Social icons, Email capture, and more!New features: Social icons, Email capture, and more!New features: Social icons, Email capture, and more!

Verst has now been live for one full month and the content being created on the platform is incredible! If you haven't already, sign up now.

We've already released a slew of much-requested new features, and there's plenty more on the way. Take a look!

1. Social Icons in your Menu

You can now easily add linked icons for all your social channels. Just head to your Site Settings section and look for "Social Account Links".

2. New Content Feed Style: "Full Post"

With this style, your homepage will display full posts rather than thumbnails. As the reader scrolls down the page, new posts will automatically load. Check out the gif above for an example. To choose this setting, head to your Content Feed options.

3. Email Capture Call-to-Action

Our new CTA type lets you collect email addresses from your visitors. You can either connect it directly to your MailChimp account or export a list of emails whenever you want. To get started, jump to the CTA section and choose the "Email Capture" option.

4. Third Party Analytics Options

In addition to Verst's built-in analytics tools, you can now install your own Google Analytics and/or Facebook Pixel tracking. Just head to the Site Settings section and drop in the required values.

5. New "Latest Post" Dashboard (iOS App)

As soon as you log in to Verst Mobile, you'll see a new summary of engagement for your most recent post, right up top. It couldn't be quicker to review your most relevant stats.

We're thrilled with your reactions to Verst so far, and there is SO much more to come. Looking forward to it, and we hope you are too!