5 Articles You Should Read - February 27, 20175 Articles You Should Read - February 27, 20175 Articles You Should Read - February 27, 2017

Each week, we compile five great reads  that help creators publish better content and optimize their websites for performance.

A discussion that looks into the way content is made for professional publishers, while also discussing the importance of insights, optimization, and more.

A look at how three important factors of a content marketing strategy can make or break content. Through graphs and different findings, we learn that there are crucial aspects of the publishing process that are key.

This Harvard Business Review writer takes a look at their job at Shutterstock and discusses his findings in an experiment involving A/B testing and their customers. He also dives in to write about experimentation culture and why it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

This article analyzes the importance of A/B testing done the correct way by highlighting what a lot of creators and publishers are doing wrong when looking at data. It also reveals what they can do to maximize their data correctly.

A study that looks into small business owners' desire to optimize their business online, and the importance of staying up-to-date with the ever-growing web.